The chronicle of betrayal

Confounding ignorance as bliss
i was livin' a life dat was jinxed .
Breathing in n breathing out,
I was jaded all in n all out...

Suddenly , one day i saw a face
i felt as if life had revved up its pace..
those twin black somniferous eyes
robbed my heart in a short while..

The cute little nose n rosy cheeks..
the tranquil smile n the hump in the chin..
mesmerized by the numbness of those lips,
she alienated me frm the world as i stood still..

Those slenderly round breasts n the debonair attire
making me wish her in my arms to forever retire...
i could feel the heart had picked up its pace
and started to beat wid the double rate...

"will she approve ?? will she reprove ??"
amidst all these thoughts, i made the move ....
Love plodded ubiquitously all around me like a spook
And my heart connived to survive !!..

In a turn of events, we came near...
she promised a world of dreams n receded my fears..
jumping to her tunes, she made me dance
i cudnt see that nature was preparing against me a contrivance ..

i fulfilled her wishes thinking dem to be mine..
den i thought - it was the right time...
i flung open my arms wanting to hold her tight ...
i sensed a fear on her face n knew something wasnt right...

she maneuvered towards me wid a feign glee
i SAW it but i pretended i didnt see..
she moved close her lips near to mine ...
before i cud kiss her, she stabbed me wid all her might...

the relentless assault didnt end in one go
she stilettoed into my ribs once more...
i smiled n didnt even supplicate...
my heart still loved her, it cudnt hate..

(she was now with him... )

As he stood beside her to see my end
my love was laughed to scorn n treated with condescend...
still lost in her eyes, i said-
"i love u my darling ...i knew u had dat skew blade.."

This was the chronicle of betrayal, dear friend...
my love killed my love to end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Mr Rancorous


nikunj said…
U cant call it as the chronicle of betrayal, coz u r burdening ur poem to rise upto its title.Rather I wud suggest, generally, burden ur title to rise upto the poem.
I believe either u need to add more love to ur writins or a a little more hate,though I know love's ur style.So dnt get mixed up, I agree the temptation to profoudly and brutally express hate has always been a dream for genuine love writers, but a natural dexeterity at expressing true love and those small instances or acts of betrayal and hate, which succede in making a big impact, is their style of writin.
So dat waz just a suggestion.
Nothin more. no trespassin. nothin.

But newayz well written and next time m gonna sue u for violatin copyrights.
Everything's fine, but dat "hump in chin".
dat waz 2 much.
:-)f**k u dude.
ankit said…
now u sound like a real INNERSELFIAN.....U ROCK DUDE....
nipun said…
it is good yaar. although the
scene seems to be seen earlier but i liked ur expressions. what i say is that these make aperson realise ur heart's beat,happiness,anxiety,sorrow and sacrifice.
it also explores the pain .

really good.
hope this is just blog, nothing related to ur life
rahul mallya said…
nice one dude !!!! very well expressed my frnd....who is this girl and why such a sad ending..............?
Vinayak Vaish said…
The initial part is expressed in fine composure although I think that connecting wires seem a bit slack.Emotions are expressed to their optimum strength jst be carefull about rushing into them too quickly like you've done with this one,this is a bit contrasting to your scrupulous nature.Lastly don't ever again violate copy rights else next time we'll meet in court.
navjot said…
powerful expression of feelings i must say..!
good job...!!
Vinayak Vaish said…
urz is just a phrase, mine is the entire poem dude!

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