Day 1 : 22nd June 2009 @ dalhousie

Since I always been someone who followed the rules vehemently, my inner voice finally spoke to me – “it’s high time !! you better learn to be improper”. So how could I argue against such a convincing arguement. After all, if you obey all the rules – you’ll be missing all the fun !! And thus, the message was clear – I thought I would not do the thinking this time (basically, thinking of not to think J ) and let my heart to rule for sometime....

With these thoughts ruffling into my mind, the night was not conspicuous at all … Even before the Sun came out of its bed, I was brushing my teeth standing before the mirror on the first floor of hostel no.5 and not once thought about taking a bath (knowingly as well as unknowingly, I have always stood for whatever’s right – here too, I saved a bucket of water J). Getting done with the last minute checks and packing, I knocked at Abhinav’s door and by 8.30, we joined our fellow classmates at the perfect time at the college gate when some of our friends kept on coming in installments .. Rakesh , the class representative, was collecting the money for the journey where me and Abhinav assisted him ..Not making us wait for too long, the bus stopped in front of the gate..Suddenly, everyone around was back to life and ran for finding the most suitable seat to his/her likings. Then the strategists in us came to action as Abhinav jostled to catch the seats and I made sure that our luggages sit comfortably on the roof of the bus. After a quick attendance and settlement, the bus was on its way to Dalhousie.Thanks to Saiwal’s brilliant calculations, we opted for the window seat which wasn’t facing the sun after a few metres of travel ,thus, saving us from any discomfort of the sweltering clothes which we might have had resulted if we would have chosen the other side. Then the ever active, class cricket team captain, Nikhil didn’t miss the opportunity for leading the first “Jai kaara” of the morning and we followed with a somnolent return – “bol sachche darbaar ki jai”.

Till Pathankot, the travelling wasn’t much of an entertainer as all of us had empty stomachs. The stop at Pathankot did help filling the stomachs but could not pump up the adrenalin in us as the bus also knelt down to the scorching heat and didn’t start until it had rested and been taken care of by the conductor and driver for atleast 2 hours. Hitherto, there were no signs of how exciting this holiday could be.

Apart from only one – two jocular conversations as yet, Abhinav and I were merely admiring few trussed bridges that came along the way when Suveera (who was eavesdropping which I suppose was quite contrary to her nature), unable to control her emotions, intervened and asked us to leave the study topics coz’ it was making her feel a little small when Abhinav and I were enlighting each other with our knowledge of trusses and analysing the members which were supposed to experience the maximum force… (Ah, girls will always remain girls - excuse the pun intended J ) !! As always, we boys being extremely considerate about the feelings of others gave up the topic and started listening to Nichelback –“I wanna be a rockstar”.

Henceforth, apart from selling a quarter filled mineral water bottle to Vijeesh (which was fun thanks to my great salesman skills), the travel was lacking in fun factor…in a way, increasing my appetite for the crazy days that were about to follow.

We reached “Dalhousie Youth Hostel” by 4.30 in the evening. It was hardly 10 minutes there and I was in the scene again having struck up a short skirmish with Suraj (the attendant at youth hostel whose carcicature will be discussed later in the blog).. Having already gathered attention, I tried not to look conspicuous and moved slowly into my room. Room with 18 beds, I took the one closest to the balcony door and Abhinav took the one directly above my bed. Having relaxed for a few minutes, the first photo session took off and snapshots after snapshots is all what happened in the room afterwards. Later in the evening, Warden sir and Rizwan sir made us aware about the rules that had to be followed there with strict adherence as their manner of telling suggested. We took a sigh of relief that Shailja Ma’am was also there and with her around, we knew we could always get away with little mischiefs here and there....

The dinner was alright and at 10, we were sent back to our rooms where we had a shot at Playing Cards. The enthusiasm after winning the first “pick two” game died after the two losses in the following games and then, my body resigned to get a good night sleep. Hoping for a good next day, I was soon dead in the bed.


GreenRust said…
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GreenRust said…
nicely written,but i felt it somewat lengthy,which sucks interest from the reader...

otherwise well formed article..
Net said…
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