Day 3: 24th June 2009 @ dalhousie

Ah , a new morning again…It was 6.30 a.m. and I knew I needed a bath today after having already missed out on it the two previous days… I wanted to get out of the bed without making even the slightest sound coz failing would jeopardise my plans of a good bath as the contenders outside the bathroom would increase if they wake up. I’ve been a 'jerk' (read as fool) all my life so how could I get off my bed without a jerk !! it wasn’t only jerky but noisy too, easily breaking the silence of the room and it was Punithan who was the first to become conscious…I started hating those dancing beds of youth hostel from thereof. Quickly, I pulled my clothes n all out of my luggage… and in no time, I was cheering myself of having won the possession of a bathroom. I had a little longer stay there which ofcourse, didn’t please people outside especially Amit. But who cares when you are the first one for a “first come, first serve” !!… I came out to see that Abhinav was skipping bath today, it was a long queue and he had no chance of making it so he gave up …We appropriately dressed ourselves and went for the breakfast. Another day at work but I was feeling fresh as ever… After a good head start by Rakesh, it came down to me to continue the work ... We were going at a reasonable pace when we reached station no. 9 and Ravinder took control...There was a construction going on in front of the station and I thought of checking it out where I struck up a conversation with the Supervisor of Construction– Mr Chunnilal (an old man unlike the chunnilal from devdas - he's wasnt dat drunk but definitely wanted to vent out everything from his belly)... He dazzled us, amazed us with his 30 years of experience in construction industry and floored us with the plethora of knowledge explaining every detail of the drawings of the building.

Evening was spent rambling in Subhash Chowk and Gandhi Chowk. On the way, we noticed a dog tied with a bench and barking in a manner that begged for freedom. I was moved but dissolved my anger by mentally cursing the owner of the dog. As we reached the end of the alley near the church, this time I came up with the idea of checking out the church but Abhinav resisted (coz he didn’t take a bath that day)…In my own elan, I preached him – “God never asks for a pure and clean body but for a pure heart .. and dude, you have pure heart !! that I know for sure.” He had no clue to this one but still, failing to impress him, I had to give up.

After the dinner, Rizwan Sir joined to have a casual conversation with everyone. Don’t know how the discussion swayed to righteousness and corruption in daily life. It was mainly Rizwan Sir and Rakesh , one on one. I m not very pleased to tell that Rizwan Sir supporting the honest policy did put his point across well enough but for everything he said, Rakesh always had some weird explanation of his to counteract but what was tragic about it is that he was making sense to a lot of people around me!! The defeated argument always stands as long as you keep on repeating it and it is still questionable who won it but time settled the matter there for a while. I was feeling sleepy when I heard Rizwan Sir asking – “who knows good english ?? what does ‘rue’ mean ??”.

It was a familiar word for me but I wasn’t interested in answering. Angad, having quickly looked it up in his mobile’s dictionary, responded. Rizwan Sir shouted another word – “and guillotine?? unscathed??..” Every word was sounding familiar, I quickly woke up to senses and saw him looking straight on to me. He said, “why did u write it ,Anant ??” By then I knew that he had figured out what I once scribbled on one of the desks in class that concerned him. ( :p what better than to confess when getting caught it is said – confessed faults are half mended J)…I answered honestly that I wrote it becoz’ I was a little upset.

Afterwards, I was only avoiding people around who kept on asking me what I wrote. For those who don’t know, I put it down here –

“ I rue the day when I wont remain unscathed by the merciless guillotine of Mr Rizwan.”

Seeing Rizwan Sir's behaviour the following days, it looked as if he wasn't much offended by it and luckily, it turned out that he became more informal and friendlier with me. The day was quite eventful but the next day promised more as it was Rakesh(my beloved brother, our class representative, the senator of group 7)’s birthday the next day.


Agrinthus said…
ha ha...i remember that day when u were burdened with questions "why did u write it".
Anant was cynosure of that night....

good..nicely detailed article...
Nikunj said…
Nice storytelling, but it lacks something to bind the reader. Neither it is titillating nor melodramatic but the account is very honestly written doen.

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