Day 4: 25th June 2009 @ dalhousie

After the days work, We ( Abhinav, Saiwal and myself ) headed for Subhash Chowk to treat our tongues wid the spicy pani poories. They were very good.And as we had planned, we made our first visit to the Church. Seeking God’s blessings, I felt so much peaceful inside… As we sat along the outskirts of the church, Saiwal asked us to confess and divvy up the sins we had committed in our lives thus far… ( I thought what nice idea )…

A silence prevailed for few minutes as we tried to recount the sins we had mustered till den....

As I was groping for the long list, these thoughts were running into my mind –

“We ain’t always kind

Its part of life,we learn

But we learn too late

before we’ve made mistakes

like we don’t know we can.

We just keep ignoring..

We just keep justifying

Our sins

Our actions

Our contemplations

Yet we know somewhere

That we are guilty ..

Ain’t we born that way –

Little devils in devil form ?

We’ve wasted our times

On our enemies

Engulfed in the power of spite.

Guess so. Guess its true

But it’s all part of life.

We ain’t always bad

It’s all part of life.”

Each one of us made our confessions which more or less centred around the people we had hurt when we were angry or upset. But to be very true, none of us had ever hurt someone with the intentions of hurting them … And even if we did hurt them, we do love them.

The evening wore on and everyone gathered in the park in front of the youth hostel to celebrate Rakesh’s Birthday.

We threw him up in the air several times and it was followed by a relentless and frenetic kicking on his butt …The sweat dropping from his brow revealed the pain he was in but still, his face carried the smirk which was evident of the fact that he was enjoying the pain, enjoying every kick his friends mustered and blessed him with …

After the cake cutting ceremony, the music was turned on which turned us on and soon, we were turning, swaying, moving to the tunes of hindi and punjabi pop.

As the evening wore on, the dancing got more and more frenzied. Lokesh became the star of the show wid the way he exhibited his enthusiasm..his sutle moves despite his belly interfering the crisp motion !! Tarun and Vikas did put up a funny act of theirs too adding more flavor to such a hep ambience we had created all around…Rakesh’s birthday party had lightened all hearts. It seemed like an unremitting dancing session.

Among the girls, it was Anvita who stole the show wid her flickering moves… Navjot danced in her usual bubbly elan while her lips were singing every word and exuding energy all around. Even Shailja Ma’am and Rizwan Sir joined for a brief period.

Round and Round the ellipse, everyone clapping hands together as if adding their colour to the music already in motion, it was magical... We took a long time before submitting to the tyranny of bell, the predecessor of the time clock. The caretaker finally managed to stop us and we went back to our rooms dripping in sweat. Yes, it was a great day... a truly memorable one !!

“Chuckling n Giggling in playful chaos

Tapping feet n dancing without a pause…

Jumping and thumping in sweat

Our bodies were all wet

As our feet were heading for indefinite


I realized - Dancing is indeed

the hidden language of the soul !!”


Agrinthus said…
so..a new skin !

somewat raw but yes,superb...the lines in between breaks the monotony.

keep writing !
Nikunj said…
Impressive ending. Much more mature, M not sure if the day lacked events or u did it on purpose but its always gud to describe a lesser number of events ad describe them detail so as to attach the reader to them. Which is evident in this post unlike the previous one.

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