Day 2: 23rd June 2009 @ dalhousie

“Each morning sees some task begin,

Each evening sees it close;

Something attempted, something done

Has earned a night’s repose !!”

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The stay in dalhousie wasn’t a total holiday afterall coz we were here for a purpose .. twas an education camp for the budding civil engineers and therefore, we were soon enlightened by our teachers with the tasks we needed to complete… I was named in Group 7 where my other group members were Ravinder, Rakesh, Rishav, Karan , Sanah, Sudhir and Tarun.

“ The Quality of Sense of Responsibility” – I have always thought it to be a mixture of both intellect and emotion. The intellect is affected by all the emotions experienced, from sadness to joy - and unquestionably by the extremes of passion. Getting the likes of Karan and Sanah (the class toppers) in our team, i was very sure that they will bring into the team a sense of responsibility coz as long as i have known them, they've been always emotional as well as serious about their work...

A winning combination is one which has the right blend of hardwork, smartwork, fun and wickedness (excuse me for this but this quality is very essential for this KALYUG )... We had Sanah and Karan's sense of responsibility and now, through Rakesh and Ravinder , we got smart decisive brains ...And it was me, Tarun, Rishav and Sudhir who added the dimensions of fun and wickedness into the team. Being extremely truthful about my opinion, i thought that we were a great team.

The first day’s work was all a Sanah and Karan show with a little assistance from every member. You can criticize them for a slow start but first movers make their share of first mistakes and that makes the job easier for the others to follow who get to learn from the mistakes made by the former players.The clock struck 5 and we returned to the hostel hoping to speed up the work the next day.

In the evening, Abhinav and I decided to check out Subhash Chowk as well as Gandhi Chowk markets. It was a delightful experience. The Tibetan Market was the pivot of shopping at Dalhousie. In the shops along the Gandhi Chowk, one could find a variety of mementos and trinkets. Some of the items found in the Tibetan market included bags, handicrafts, carpets, purses, timber souvenirs and a wide variety of Kashmiri art and Kashmiri shawls.

Abhinav also came up with the idea of checking out the church at Gandhi Chowk but owing to my water saving habit, we had to decide against it coz i maintained that i didn’t take a bath that day.

Anyways, the market stroll was a complete bliss and the pristine nature (including the attractive chicks) along the way overwhelmed us so much that we completely lost track of time. Realizing it a little late, we had to adequately pace ourselves to return to hostel in time. The dinner was followed by a walk in the park in front of the Youth hostel and later at 10, we were back into our beds with memories of a decent day. Hitherto, it was pleasant but somehow i was feeling that something extremely crazier was in store for us in the coming days...i wanted to unleash but i guess - i was waiting for something !!


navjotnitj said…
well articulated...!
go on man m waiting for d next blog...

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