“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to die and a time to be born,. ” -BOOK OF ECCLESIASTES

To be able to write something about such a phenomenal experience is like trying to capture a butterfly which is just enough quick to elude you when you think you’ve almost had her in your grasp. Dalhousie, a place I would never forget, not for its breathtaking eye treats, its beauty and bounty but for what it all gave to me… Not forgetting all my comrades who made the stay all the more delightful and amaaaaazzingly exciting !!

Well, there are experiences in life which just divide your life into two halves – the one before that happened and the one that follows after that experience…it is ,therefore, sufficient to say - man, that was an ‘experience’…

It’s a bit of enigma for me after all the nocturnal hardwork I had put in to go to IIT Kanpur for a summer training but destiny thought otherwise…I agree today that it wasn’t the smartest of decisions I ever took and I am glad that destiny had different plans for me…

As I start recounting those moments, most part of what I will be telling you would merely sound stupidity and some of the trifles would add the distinction of silliness but that’s required for this one unwonted experience…

And last thing I would like to add is that what I will put up here will be entirely what I saw from my side… coz as always happens, perceptions are different from people to people looking at the same thing.. still, if you have anything to say about what I’ve moulded (which I don’t intend to) or where you feel I have been adding a little of my figments of imagination to it then you can put up your side of the story in the comments box… I don’t mean to offend anyone so whatever I write, please take it in the right spirit coz I am not the kind who’ll ravish insulting someone and so if you feel you get easily offended, i have just 4 words for you ---Do Not Read More.


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