Day 6: 27th June 2009 @ dalhousie (the Jinxed Curiosity)

Curiosity is an objectionable trait of a male mind. The desire to solve the mystery of the mystique females is one of the most active and insatiable passions of the masculine soul. After a mundane day at work, the evening seemed to promise an eventful ending. As the clock struck 5pm ,the three musketeers ( Abhinav, Aayush n myself) set off to look for our Enchantress. Both (Abhinav n Aayush) completely abetting my whim that we would see our enchantress again at the holy church of Gandhi Chowk. Inspired by Sir Paulo Coelho’s “the Alchemist”, we were looking for the omens around, trying to understand the language of the winds of Dalhousie as if there were clues hidden all around which could lead us to our enchantress.

Having reached the holy Church at Gandhi Chowk, we prayed for our enchantress to return. We waited and waited and then again waited for our wish to come true itself. We glanced at every girl that appeared in the church wid anxiety and nervousness.

“persevere , persevere !!” cried the three souls

“she’s near, she’ll b here” was what their hearts told..

The long fatigue of the needless wait,

Staring in vain at the church gate.

She didn’t turn up but that didn’t shook our spirits. We set out to look for her at Tibetan Market coz like yesterday, she might visit the market again. The Enchantress continued to elude us , though, I still believed that she was somewhere near – the magic still pulled me. Soon, we conceded defeat. We consoled ourselves with the wise bollywood aphorism – “ Bus, train aur Chhokri ke peeche nahi bhaagna chahiye”. A little dejected, we jaywalked towards the Airforce Area to the road which U-turned and went upwards from the alley. After walking up the elevation a little, we felt as if we were squandering useful time and descended back to Gandhi Chowk. As how murphy’s law predicts – ‘things happen when you least expect them’, Aayush sighted our Enchantress with her group in front of CafĂ©-Dalhousie. I could not believe my eyes but when Abhinav asked for a confirmation, I returned an affirmative response.

There she was. My heart started crooning again on her sudden appearance. I could barely control myself now. Her magnetism pulled us towards her as we found ourselves following her before she stopped for savouring pani- puris. I made up my mind to go and ask her out for the photo. But our new kid on the block , the lover boy (Abhinav) - failed to rise to the occasion and asked us to give up the idea coz’ he had this negative thought striking his mind that a girl would never prison herself in a stranger’s camera. And Aayush appropriately remarked –“Abhinav ki phut rahi hai.” I tried to convince him but he wasn’t prepared to change his mind anymore. At this point, I guess – our enchantress had noticed us fighting behind and which allowed her sufficient time to build a bad impression of us into her mind.

I freed myself from Abhinav’s grasp and ran towards our Enchantress when I spotted Navjot behind her entering into the same shop in which our enchantress had moved in. The Mentos Moment - An idea struck my mind and I knew that if Navjot relented, there was 99 percent chance that we would be boasting for having got a stunning picture with our Enchantress afterwards.

Navjot is a sweetheart and as expected of her, she agreed to help me out with this. (Thanks Nav - for obliging us). I asked Navjot to say to our Enchantress that we, three, have got a dare (while playing Truth n Dare Game) to get a snap with her. Then all of us together moved towards our Enchantress. Navjot did as was discussed and I followed with -“ Would you mind being clicked?”. But we had failed to notice the villain in our story – her mother. Her mother’s face contorted with bitterness and rage as she admonished in a severe tone that it was better if we choose to leave. We still lingered in anticipation (coz our request was with our Enchantress and not her mother) for an unachievable ‘Yes’ but she signaled a ‘no’ going with her mother’s decision. Our hearts were torned apart as we moved away from her with gloomy faces.

On the way back to hostel, we (three) felt totally jaded and dejected. We still adored her and cherished whatever glimpse of her we could recall afterwards. I thanked Navjot telephonically for her sweet gesture that evening. Coz if she hadn’t been there, we could not have managed to escape the print of her mother’s fingers on our cheeks. The end of the story of the Enchantress of Dalhousie wasn’t the most coveted one but there was some consolation in the fact that even if our dreams hadn’t come true, neither had our nightmares.

The unwonted experiences of Dalhousie didnt culminate here. They continued and i cherish all of them.


Agrinthus said…
Fantastic...Though the sighting thing was wrong otherwise the writing is fastidious and well explained...
piyush said…

firstly i must confess u r a quick learner.......

it's beautifully penned down !!!!

the flow was gud....

description better.....

in btw the beautiful girl was the best...lolll....

isn't it ???

keep up the good work bro !!!!
sidhanth said…
Hey man, it was a nic blog, but I think you might have made a structural mistake at the end when u ask "do u mind being clicked?".... A "No" is actually an affirmative for the proposal of being clicked.

But overall, nice. :)
Mr Rancorous said…
@ sidhanth..

Thnks for reading my blog..yeah, nicely pointed out mistake !!

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