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Day 4: 25th June 2009 @ dalhousie

After the days work, We ( Abhinav, Saiwal and myself ) headed for Subhash Chowk to treat our tongues wid the spicy pani poories. They were very good.And as we had planned, we made our first visit to the Church. Seeking God’s blessings, I felt so much peaceful inside… As we sat along the outskirts of the church, Saiwal asked us to confess and divvy up the sins we had committed in our lives thus far… ( I thought what nice idea )…A silence prevailed for few minutes as we tried to recount the sins we had mustered till den....As I was groping for the long list, these thoughts were running into my mind –“We ain’t always kind Its part of life,we learnBut we learn too late before we’ve made mistakes like we don’t know we can. We just keep ignoring.. We just keep justifying Our sins Our actions Our contemplations Yet we know somewhere That we are guilty .. Ain’t we born that way – Littledevils in devil form ? We’ve wasted our times On our enemies Engulfed in the power of spi…