400 reformers @ midnight (a rebirth of dreams) - An unforgettable article of an unforgettable day

A day which was the rarest of days you will ever get to see in NITj. About 400 students standing together for a cause and in the process, rising above their fears, their inhibitions and putting up a show which once seemed to be rather improbable. The fact of the matter is that they had been digesting the disgusting administrative actions and various dissonant instances observed in day to day life at NITj. In bits and pieces, they did raise their voices before which were silenced, but it had never been a resonant effort, a united effort to do it.

Earlier, they were a bunch that moved a step forward and then leaped two steps backwards. But the night of Sept. 20th 2009 changed everything. It marked the beginning of a new era and rise of a new dawn. The students stood up for justice, for freedom of expression against the aristocratic dominance of the corrupt administration. They are the new breed of reformers at NITj with the belief that change can be achieve with BRUTE SANITY.

They stood clamouring for justice, raising slogans but not even once, they thought to vent out their anger in destructive ways. They remained as peaceful as brute sanity would ask for. The moment of the evening was when the students turned their backs at the administration and the police while protesting with courage at the centre of the Administrative Block.

The GenNEXT philosophy - "Good intentions are useless without common sense." was so pervasive in the air around. Their peaceful conduct when dealing with the police in the evening and opting out for indulging in any kind of argument with them spoke of the COOOL HEAD above their shoulders. It is evident as history sums up that the greatest battles are won with a cool head. A perfect model of civil disobedience in its purest form was so visible in the youth today that it actually deserves my heartiest congratulations.

BUT (this is a big BUT) , hey reformers, you need to understand that this small victory of yours was just a step forward and you need to make sure that you don't leap two steps backwards. the tale of hardihood, endurance and the courage of companions which has stirred the hearts of every nitian must not go waste. Make sure, reformers, that if you do receive a message in your inbox today, please don't hesitate to join the movement and don't rest until you set yourself free from the order of unjust administration. I guess - what may happen is what keeps us alive. We want to see tomorrow, the tomorrow we want to see. Goodluck to my dear "Midnight reformers".

- The Two Sleepless Knights
Midnight Publications


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