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I m not a prisoner anymore

I felt like a prisoner in your presence .... I now refute the silence of your absence ..
Solitary dancing shadow has uninspired the walls which used to witness your silhouette..
Even the air that used to carry your scent has jaded.. The memories of "you over me" have faded...
I don't feel the love for you anymore.. Probably i have emptied my heart to the core..
The poems will not flow now.. you'll miss the times when i called you "wow"
I take my freedom to feel complete.. The days without you aren't incomplete !
The eternal pain has turned innocuous for good.. I deserved better than you and I should..
I say it aloud to tell you my beautiful whore.. I m not a prisoner anymore !!
The moisture on the crystal glass twinkles with cheer It says - "Its time for another beer !! :P"
- Mr Rancorous