Eye and Beyond

Well, there are poems which are not yours but wish that someday u d be able to write stuff like dat .. so i take this priviledge to give my readers a piece that i hve liked and enjoyed so much. Presenting before you a work of my great friend - Mr V Vaish !! Thankq so much V V for sharing this piece with me !! Here it goes...

Eye and beyond

I see.
I see a swift eagle, in flight.Swaying unbound,
Rising towards zenith.
Out of sight.
I see
Racing snake boats
Fighting men,
A lioness shrieking
in its den.
I see
I see fountains,
An endless river
A solitary walker, half mortal.
Reeking spirit, immortal.
I see
I see tryst,
I see tears, smiles, laughter
Dissolves, transforms, vanishes
Faces, activity, emotion.
I see
A mirror, a shadow
I foresee
I see
clouds in the sky.
I see

- Vinayak Vaish


Agrinthus said…
awesome...I so much like this kind of writing..Always wished to write like this one day..GR8 work !
Vinayak Vaish said…
Thank you! I had no idea this was on the internet.

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