If u didnt exist !!

No beethoven, No shakespeare

No prose and No poetry..

No happiness, No smiles

No joy or sadness docile ..

No roses and No sweet apples

No thorns in pineapples..

No rainbows flashing the skies..

No fears and No insecurities..

No doubts, No skepticism..

No courtesies and nobilities..

No kindness and No sobriquets..

No art, No paintings and No fantasies..

No dreams, No desires and No money..

No hopes of shelter and No mountains..

No songs, No rhythms and No music..

No shades, No trees, No flowers

and No leaves...

No obsessions and No afflictions.. 

No coffees , No tea..

No oceans and No sea..

No chirping birds, No love and No life

If u didnt exist !!

- Mr Rancorous


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