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Her Stolen Hair

From her eyes i saw a tear roll, While my feelings went beyond control..
On her forehead, i stole a kiss.. I knew she'd be the one I ll forever miss..
She tugged me close to show her care, Then got stuck on my coat A consolation rare (????)..
I still remember her scent that used to fill the air.. I still continue to cherish "HER STOLEN HAIR" !!
- Mr Rancorous

I wish I were a poet

I wish i were a poet too
Stop rosy prose n write poems few..
All day she wud stumble upon the way
On the floor she'll find the leaves for what i have to say...
When she'd move her lips to croon what i write..
It wud be an amazing sight.

On a busy afternoon i skip a meal...
For food is her sight n poetry to me !!
-Mr Rancorous

The Lover's Reward

This Rambler is NO Gambler who's seeing many a fish, he's found the ONE he truly loves, But alas, one-sided it is !!
He doesnt feel rejected or dejected anyMORE, For love which grew in his heart was serene n PURE !!
Destiny mite never reward him now or think otherWISE, Eventually, its his LOVE for her WAS his only PRIZE !!
- Mr Rancorous

The night or the day or in between

The night or the day or in between,
I decide to write about what i mean,
Rambling "with" aim to comprehend,
The means i adopt to achieve the desired end !!
- Mr Rancorous