The Untold Story - part 2

          I had forgotten about her by now and was back to a usual life. My good old darling class and the simply superb faculty were awaiting my attendance for a long time. I had been rather busy with all the multi tasking I had been doing for the past few weeks. The days that ensued had engulfed me so much that I literally forgot about the Orange Bag Girl, the girl who had brought the time to a standstill. Her thoughts eluded me before I saw her again.

Yes, again. This time the gift was wrapped in pink in sweet and suave attire. She was awaiting her turn in a mob queued outside the exclusive confectionery shop of NIT Jalandhar. My friends were quick enough to point out the Orange Bag Girl to me. And I have had a reputation for getting along well with almost the strangest of strangers and so it was rather customary for them to urge Mr Rancorous to show them how good he was. Infact, they challenged me to enquire her name (without offending her that was quite obvious even if not explicitly stated). Mr Rancorous was calm, turned around and moved to where she was standing. 
    The problem is that he knows he’s smart so while he walked up to her, he noticed two of her female friends standing alongside her and talking to her. Mr Rancorous felt that by just standing next to her, he will find out her name because he expected her friends to call her by name at least once during the conversation. If watching her once had stopped time for Mr Rancorous then you can expect what would have been the case when he stood next to her.

He got lost again. He stood there admiring her, smelling the scent of her cutely tied hair which would look super awesome if left free. She didn’t notice him neither her friends as they purchased whatever they required and started to move away. She was smiling in her perfect √©lan and that’s all that mattered to him for the moment. The killer smile is what he called it and still, calls it today.

To be continued...
- Mr Rancorous


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