The Untold Story - part 3

So I came out of the mob surrounding the confectionery store almost clad in her silhouette and still, captured in the aura of that smile. Although there are many kinds of smile, the one she wore was a ‘naughty smile’ as if she had just earned a free chocolate from her friends.  I was also smiling but I wore a “Love Smile”, the one that exudes the energy of pure love and bliss. It is not a romantic smile but the kind you have when you hold a very cute little baby in your hands.

But while I walked towards my friends, I changed it into an “Achiever’s Smile”. As they say – “When the smarter of the smartest boasts an achiever’s smile, there are very few who would believe that he didn’t make it.” Now, doing this, I incepted a fair idea in my friends’ minds that I have somehow managed to know her name, the orange bag girl’s name. The best face reader on the planet and especially, the best when the face he’s reading is mine, Mr Picasso, had figured out already that I didn’t make it.

“What’s her name?” - asked the group in a union.

I replied confidently. “What could you better expect mates! It’s time for a treat. J

In the excitement of the treat, all my friends (except Mr Picasso) forgot about the question. A cold coffee for everyone was enough to start over a new conversation and discussion went over to our lives, our placements and future prospects of the graduating engineers. It was around 7 in the evening when friends dispersed and we moved to our hostels.

Mr Picasso brought up the question at dinner.

“Why give a treat when you haven’t even figured out her name?” questioned Mr Picasso.

And as always, I took a dig at him. “Does that really matter? Shakespeare once said – what’s in a name”  :)

“So why do you quote Shakespeare by taking his name? You could have just said – what’s in a name. No need to explicitly mention the great man’s name”

When I have nothing to counter, I prefer to smile and that’s what I did. . The dinner was followed by a walk in the park in front of the hostel and later at 10, we were back into our beds with memories of a decent day. Hitherto, it was pleasant but somehow I was feeling that something extremely crazier was in store from me in the coming days. I wanted to unleash but I guess - I was waiting for something!!

To be continued...
- Mr Rancorous


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