The Untold Story - part 4

As the perceived perversity of the universe suggests that the probability of anything happening is in inverse ratio to its desirability. The second encounter had been on my mind for quite some time now. I had never desired a third encounter. Yes, never. Because I knew that it would weaken me by strengthening the love I feel for her. Her presence was too much for Mr Rancorous. It was almost the time to go. Three years had passed in a flourish, there were things to be done, his professional goals were waiting to be achieved and he had not planned for love. Contrary to his desires, it happened. Yes, he saw her again.

My facebook statuses had already alarmed Mr Picasso to talk to me about it. He was perturbed about the fact that he could see the signs – the signs of a guy falling in love. He knew that in this unenlightened world moving towards modernization and social networking, rapidly changing definitions of relationships, of morals and of ‘love’, it is easy for a youth to lose himself.

Mr Picasso is a strange character indeed.
Himself an ardent one sided lover of a girl who inspires him to paint his soul on those white canvases which once claimed only dust but he talks about love as mere infatuation, a momentary attraction that dissolves with the arrival of a new girl, a new face and new mystery to be solved. Mr Rancorous never approved of his thoughts nor derided them ever. Because he knew that only a dude bugged with love can so insanely deride love for he seeks to find the reasons to justify to his mind what his heart fails to understand. Mr Picasso advised me to get over it and get some life back.

Since I have always been someone who followed the rules vehemently, his inner voice finally spoke to me – “it’s high time dude that you should better learn to be improper. Get some life. See chicks. Learn to Enjoy. To party at bidhipur. Get some guitar crooning.”

So how could I argue against such a convincing argument? After all, if you obey all the rules – you’ll be missing all the fun!! And thus, the message was clear – I thought I would not do the thinking this time (basically, thinking of not to do any thinking :P ) and let my heart to rule for some time.

To be continued..
- Mr Rancorous


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