The Untold Story - part 6

Kung Fu Panda so beautifully put forward this thought – there’s no extra charge for double awesomeness.

Indeed. The awesomeness began as we had lot to cheer after few glasses of beer. The most sophisticated instrument on the planet to convert thoughts to speech is called “Kingfisher Strong”J. And therefore, Mr Picasso came into his own. He’s asks very troublesome questions indeed when he paints. Yet again, he shot a tough one at me.

“What is so special about her?”

“hmmm… o she’s.. she’s a lot like food to me. The real food gives you physical nutrition. Loving her gives me mental nutrition. The second one is very important for inner peace and inner happiness. Zarathustra quotes - What good is my happiness if it can’t justify my existence! What good is my virtue if it has not made me passionate! Similarly, what good is my love if I don’t feel inner happiness in loving her! You never lose in love, you always win. It is very important to be emotional in life in order to win. But the catch is, you got to be emotional about the right things. Yes, the right things…”

“You think too much dude. You know you are a species :P. There’s innate assholery in your awesomeness. But still, I seem to like it when I’m drunk. Hahaha J

“So let’s raise this toast to her then. God Bless Ya Darling J

In a strange mix of dizziness and laziness, Mr Picasso spoke - “Yeah. Yeah. Cheers to her!” 

To be continued..
- Mr Rancorous


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