The Untold Story - part 7

It’s been a strange feeling being in love. It’s like catching a butterfly which eludes you the moment you feel you’ve got her in your grasp. I have been lucky to be around a lot of One Sided Lovers. I used to wonder that these emotional maniacs (though my wonderful friends :P) script their dead end of the story themselves via stupid emotional mistakes. Knowing them and their stories was worth a great deal for me as I wanted to capitalize on their experiences. One should always learn to learn from the mistakes of others and also, you aren’t going to live long enough to commit all those mistakes yourself J J .. And more so because life is majorly a result of all the wrongs than the rights you’ve done in the past.

So backed by strong experience, I had wanted to go slow, be less emotional about it and think of it as a mere extracurricular exercise. The standard love chart was prepared after consulting Mr Picasso, who believes he’s an expert at girls, and “Believing” is very important in my books. If you believe you are, then you really become. That’s what I’ve always felt so consulting a strong believer was the right way to go. Now, the love chart is more like tree diagram with branches going in all directions. It takes in input which is processed by the complex understanding of the girl’s psyche and gives all the sets of possible outcomes. 

Now, the main catch is that it helps to find out the optimum path. :D
So the love chart included the standard response to a stimuli list wherein we wrote all the possible ways to approach her and generate the possible response list. The possible response list was best guessed by studying a girl’s facebook profile, specially seeing the pages she likes. I had another wonderful friend called Mr Wisdom who was an expert at speaking in length about a girl after seeing her facebook profile. And he, being my roommate in first year, was good a friend to trust upon this task of immense importance.

Mr Wisdom spoke - 

To be continued....

- Mr Rancorous


SWAS said…
mr. rancorous, w8ing 4 the next entry...
Mr Rancorous said…
i wud love to continue if she tells me that this story is what she'd like to hear !! i have no incentive to write these days !!

- Mr Rancorous
So these stories,Even I am untold to ! :-|
Great writing though ! Awesome rhetoric maintenance ! :)

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