An Untold Story

The Orange Bag Girl

I read in an email once -“Sometimes I feel God wanted us to meet the wrong people before we meet the right one. May be because he thought that when we’ll finally meet the right ones, we would know how to be grateful to that gift.” 

So without much suspense, I concede to the fact that I also met my gift. 

As I start the story, I would want to confess that most part of what I will be telling you would merely sound stupidity and some of the trifles would add the distinction of silliness but that does not mean that I won’t be telling you serious, emotional and at times, boring stuff but whatever I will tell would be straight from my heart. If you can’t devote your time for some emotional though boring stuff, then you don’t deserve the entertaining part of it also. For those who don’t read love stories, I have four words for them – “Do Not Read More” 

Yes, I met my Gift. A gift wrapped in purple with a strikingly bright orange side bag hanging by her shoulder. It was a sultry evening in the small but decently beautiful campus of NIT Jalandhar.

NIT Jalandhar was certainly not famous for gorgeous damsels or for dazzling dudettes. I had learned over the years studying science that whatever that can’t be explained by generalization rule is put in the exception category so I was quick to realize that she was also an exception. 

I was standing alongside Mr Picasso, my best friend in college, whose parents had so aptly named him as “Vishal”. True to his name, he was truly ‘great’ in his humbleness, in his subtleness and in his soberness. I will come back to tell you more about him a little later because my gift’s waiting for her deserved attention. 

Dumbstruck I stood for a few seconds. Almost paralyzed by the fever of her disarming grace and alarming charm. She was an enchantress. a Cinderella of the fairy tales right in front of my eyes. Throwing her aura down upon me, she alienated me from the world as i stood still. The numbness of those lips, the tranquil smile and the hump of the chin... the kind of girl i thought only existed in my chimera but today, she was right in front of my eyes.

Mr Picasso noticed the enchanted Mr Rancorous (Me) and snapped 
me for getting my attention and said, “Dude, what was that about?”. 

I knew that he had caught me checking out a girl but still, I pretended that I didn’t understand what he was asking. He claims that he knows more about me than I know about myself. So I gave in to his request. I paused for a moment to make sure that my eyes leave her when she was completely out of sight, then leaned forward and in a conspiratorial stage whisper, said, “Who was that girl mate, the one carrying the orange bag?” Mr Picasso smiled a little and whispered back – “New face in campus. May be first year”

She possessed an unparalleled charm. Her thought didn’t leave me as we reached our hostel room and I was still captured in that moment, the moment when she appeared from heaven before my eyes.

If you’ve felt like this before, then you would understand this that there are moments in life which just divide your life into two halves – the one before that happened and the one that follows after that moment…it is, therefore, sufficient to say that it was such a moment. With these thoughts ruffling into my mind, the night was not conspicuous at all. Even before the sun came out of its bed, I was brushing my teeth standing before the mirror on the second floor of my hostel.

To be continued .... 

- Mr Rancorous


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